SmileLift™ Facts


Important Facts on the SmileLift™ Procedure

by Dr. Ritchie Beougher

  • We practice what we preach – Dr. Beougher, his wife Gladys, his son Raleigh, and several staff members have had the SmileLift™ Procedure done.
  • We have had many patients have the SmileLift™ Procedure done and then their spouse has been quick to come in for the same procedure after seeing the dramatic and positive results the SmileLift™ provides.
  • You can truly look and feel 10 years younger, in one day without any real “down time” or major recovery period. You will feel good and be on your regular schedule the very next day.
  • We can tell you amazing story after story of how the SmileLift has truly changed people’s lives. There are many reasons to love the SmileLift, but one of the best things about it is that it’s a natural way to rejuvenate your appearance. Unlike surgery or other invasive procedures, the SmileLift uses your body’s own natural mechanisms to lift and tighten the skin on your face, as well as accentuating the fullness of the lips. One other benefit is how the fuller, brighter smile will make your eyes look bigger, more energetic, and even brighter!
    The SmileLift can be customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a more dramatic transformation, the SmileLift can be tailored to give you the results you want.
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