Sherry's Story

Sherry’s Success Story

Cosmetic dentistry can do a world of good for many, and Sherry is no exception. Sherry was embarrassed with her smile and had gone years with teeth that didn’t make her happy. After finally making the decision to see Dr. Beougher, she’s got a lot to smile about. Sherry will “flash her pearly whites at just about anybody now,” and much to her satisfaction, “nine times out of ten, they’ll smile back!” She can’t emphasize enough how much her quality of life has increased, and that anyone can change their lives for the better at Smile Maker of Texas, just like Sherry did!

“It’s made a difference not only in how I look, but also in how I feel. The subtle changes Dr. Beougher makes can take years off your age. At the Smile Maker of Texas, they don’t just change smiles, they change lives.”

 — Sherry.

Dr. Beougher's Patient

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