Top “10 Reasons” to Choose The Smile Maker of Texas

  1. Experience!! Over 30 years in Plano plus completed over 3,000 cosmetic cases. Taught other dentists the SmileLift Procedure at New York University and Palm Beach College.
  2. Honesty, trustworthiness, integrity.
  3. Five star service with a truly caring staff.
  4. A commitment to patient comfort with sedation “Sleep Dentistry.”
  5. We will always make your wants and needs our first priority. We will listen to you and your concerns.
  6. We will always educate you on options that are best for you, with the help of  digital and fiberoptic cameras.
  7. State of the art technology to make your appointments comfortable
  8. Our practice has always been on the leading edge of technology, with the first in Texas to have a laser in 1996, for Laser bleaching, and the first to have a fiber optic camera in 1988.
  9. Word-renowned reputation for cosmetic expertise in changing people’s lives! We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, numerous newspaper, magazine articles, local and national television and Good Morning Texas.
  10. Ability to make patients look ten years younger through expertise in “Smile Lift” procedures with the help of imaging and using a “trial smile” to customize your appearance. Dr. Beougher is an artist who will sculpt in a custom smile to fit the look you want!
The Power of A Smile