We hope everyone has a nice “TOP GUN” summer and that everyone gets to see the new Top Gun sequel as it is a very entertaining movie to follow the first movie was filmed in 1985 in San Diego and Nevada.

Dr. Beougher has special memories of Top Gun as he served as First Lieutenant and was stationed in San Diego during the filming of the first movie and was able to meet the cast in 1985. Dr. Beougher did a dental residency training there and now still has a Special Forces lifetime military ID. Dr. Beougher says he has a “Top Gun” staff and we have “Top Gun” patients we love to help and serve! We are also building our new “Top Gun” high-tech office, opening in the Plano/Frisco 121 area this fall. We are excited about this new chapter in our office history!

Top Gun

Chuck Norris is one of our special Top Gun patients for over 25 years and we have always supported Chuck and his wife Gena and their tremendous efforts to support inner-city kids with their Kick Start gymnasiums and giving young underprivileged Americans boxing lessons and mentoring them through life, family, school, and patriotic issues.

Smile Maker of Texas

Dr. Beougher and long-term patients, Arch and Sherry Bonnema supported Military Ministry at Norfolk, VA to give hope, support, and guidance to new military men and women.


Dr. Beougher, Chuck, and Arch were able to land on an aircraft carrier, The USS Roosevelt, and spend 24 hours touring the aircraft carrier as its 110 aircraft took off and landed every 10 minutes to be graded and ready for an 8-month Persian Gulf mission. Chuck stayed up all night signing autographs to all the 4500 crew member fans of his. We stood on the flight deck at sunset near Fort Lauderdale, Florida and watched the two F-16 pilots salute Chuck and then catapult in take-off from the ship to their maneuvers and then come back and be graded on their landings. It was an amazing “Top Gun” experience to stand by Chuck and watch the F-16 jets ‘blast off’ from the ship. Chuck is truly an amazing person (our Walker, Texas Ranger) and our military men and women are outstanding!

May God bless our great country in 2022. We wish you an amazing summer. We are still in our temporary Prosper office until Fall 2022 when we move to our new office.


Dr. Ritchie Beougher and staff at Smile Maker of Texas