Why Choose Dr. Beougher for Cosmetics?

Why We Are Different

    • We have hundreds of testimonials and many SmileLift™ patients who have referred their friends and family.
    • One of the nicest, private facilities in the world.
    • Dr. Beougher has hundreds of cosmetic cases showing before and after results.
    • Dr. Beougher has taught the “SmileLift™” cosmetic procedure to other dentist at New York University and West Palm Beach College.
    • In the Trial Smile stage we spend time to perfect your custom smile to fit your face and lips. Dr.Beougher’s unique background as an artist enables him to create a detailed new smile just for you.
    • We consider it an honor that you place your trust in us. We not only want to change your smile, but create facial balance and harmony giving you a “facelift effect”.
    • We build a wider, fuller smile which gives your facial muscles more support, resulting in this facelift effect.
    • We not only want to change your smile, but change your life!

Thank you for the opportunity to help you.


Smile Maker of Texas

Ritchie D. Beougher, D.D.S., PA
& Staff