about our fees

We are affordable!

Our Philosophy About Our Fees Over The Last 25 Years Is That We Always Want To Be In The Middle Cost With Fees.

Kelly was referred in by a friend whose smile Dr. Beougher had changedover 15 years before. She came in for a consultation and then“disappeared” for a year. When she came back in she said, “I went tofour other cosmetic dentists for a consultation. Two were about thesame fee as you, one was less than you, and one colleague of yourswas more than double your fee! And I did not like her work. My friendspoke so highly of you and his smile is amazing. I knew you were the oneto trust with my smile.”

Kelly P

Even though she knew one of our amazing patients, she went for four other consults. Two were about the same fee as you, one was less than you, and one colleague of yours was more than double you fee!

Comparing Our Fees Other Cosmetic Dental Practices In The Area

Dr. Beougher has a passion for helping people. He wants to keep fees as fair as possible and stay in the middle cost range. From 2002 to 2004, when Dr. Beougher was teaching Cosmetic dentistry at NYU, his fees were the lowest of the sixteen dentists he was teaching with. By keeping fees in a middle cost range, this allows more people the opportunity to change their lives by obtaining the smile they have always wanted.

Financing Is Available

At Smile Maker of Texas, we don’t want finances to be a barrier for you in getting the smile you deserve. That’s why we offer multiple financing options that range from 0% interest to extended monthly finance options that can fit into any budget. We offer financing through Care Credit, Alpheon, iCredit, and Sunbit.

Care Credit