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“Trial Smile”

At Smile Maker of Texas, our “Trial Smile” system allows you to try on several smiles — to see which one pleases you — before you make any commitment to the final procedure.

“Trial Smile” is a free service we provide. It’s just another way we use technology to take good care of our patients.

Create Fuller, Younger Lips!


Truly love your new smile! Your friends may think you had a face-lift!
Straight teeth in one day!
And a million smiles later.


Be proud to smile again. Have new energy and enthusiasm.


Be prepared for total strangers to compliment your smile.


Get the smile you always wanted — it may just change your life!

“If you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected – let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected.”

– Anonymous


The Trial Smile

Have you considered porcelain veneers to improve your smile? Do you wonder what your teeth would look like with a smile make over?

Trial Smile is a service we provide that makes a mock-up of what your smile would look like with crowns or veneers. This gives you the ability to take your future teeth for a test drive.

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