Video Testimonials

Heartwarming and Inspiring Smile Transformations

Marcia's Smile Transformation

Marcia, all the way from Brazil, as she undergoes a remarkable smile makeover at the hands of the skilled Dr. Ritchie Beougher at Smile Maker of Texas. This video captures Marcia’s transformative experience, highlighting the unique challenges and solutions in crafting a smile that crosses cultural and geographical boundaries.

Britt's Smile Transformation

Britt’s journey as he transforms his smile under the expert care of Dr. Ritchie Beougher at Smile Maker of Texas. This video showcases Britt’s entire experience, from his first step into the clinic to the awe-inspiring reveal of his new, vibrant smile.

Lydia's Smile Transformation

Lydia’s incredible smile transformation journey with Dr. Ritchie Beougher at Smile Maker of Texas. Several years ago, Lydia made the life-changing decision to enhance her smile, and this video is a testament to the lasting impact of her choice.

Dane's Smile Transformation

Dane, who turned to our cosmetic dentistry services to transform her smile. Discover how our team at SmileMaker of Texas helped her achieve not just the smile she always dreamed of, but also a newfound confidence that changed her life.


Read What Our Patients Are Saying

Patient Story - Dale

February 2023


It was such a pleasure to see our patient Dale this morning. We did his smile make over 10 years ago and it still looks great!

Patient Story - Gloria

February 2023

drbandpatient gloira.jpg

Gloria, your smile is beautiful! Thank you for being an amazing patient and friend! We are grateful for you.

Patient Story - Lydia

February 2023

drbandpatient lydia.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our patient Lydia made us a Valentine’s Day lunch of homemade tomato soup, chicken salad, and skillet Cornbread! We appreciate you so much Lydia!

Patient Story - From Brazil

January 2023

drbandpatient brazil.jpg

We are so humbled and blessed for our returning patients! It was wonderful to have her back! We performed a SmileLift on her 17 years ago!

Our patients travel from all over the world. From Canada to Italy, Fort Myers, Chicago, Kansas City, Germany, Idaho, California, New Orleans, and as far as Ireland.

Patient's Feedback

February 2023

This patient was unhappy with her teeth. She decided on the SmileLift procedure. We performed the SmileLift 18 years ago.

patients feedback.jpg

Notice how natural and beautiful they appear and even how much healthier her gums look. The details truly make all the difference! I love that this patient still comes to see us for treatments!! Love that we can create life-changing transformations like this!!! Such an honor!

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