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We pride ourselves on the excellent care levels and service that we offer to all our customers. Please see the following examples of some typical customer case studies

Mac / October 2022

Mac is a retired Chief of Police who just got remarried after his smile change.

The wedding photographer was very impressed with his smile. Mac told Dr. Beougher that he appreciated the amazing results of his smile change, as it has changed his life.

Ashley / September 2022

We love it when we are able to change a smile and change a life! Ashley saw us on Good Morning Texas…..she had a good smile but wanted a “bigger perfect smile!!”

We are glad she is so ecstatic! (and these are just the trial Smile the next day!!!) This is fun for us as we connect with someone who trusts us and wants to be at our level of detail! — “The Artist Is In!”

Benny / May 2024

Benny, a recently retired pilot, decided he now had the time to get his smile back. He had some friends who had their smiles done by Dr. Beougher and decided he needed to check it out. He did go to a couple of other consults but decided to see what Dr. Beougher had to offer. Because he liked how everything was explained to him by Dr. Beougher and because we were able to show him a digital mockup of his smile, Benny decided that Smile Maker of Texas was the place for him. And with his wife’s encouragement, he proceeded with his new smile.
The before and after photos say it all. Benny is very pleased with his smile results! He even brought the office some sweet treats as a thank you!

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